Large horizontal wall art

Impression oil painting: impressionism pays most attention to the light.
His works are representative of sunrise,Great Big Canvas impressionism more famous painters, monet, manet, Cezanne, gauguin and van gogh.

Impressionism was a school of painting that rose in France in the second half of the 19th century.
Impressionism painting focuses on the transformation of painting color modeling, introduces the scientific concept of light and color into painting, innovates the traditional inherent color concept, and creates the modern sketching color
science with light source color and environment color as the core.
It sets up the unique aesthetic value of color form, and the novel form lays the foundation for the generation of modern art.
The impressionists were named after a painting by the impressionist monet, "sunrise - impression",Big Canvas Art which was shown in the "lost salon" and drew derision from many critics.
The innovative artists took the mocking word "impression" as the name of the school of painting, which is exactly in line with the concept of impressionism: paying attention to the instant light and color impression, capturing the real
and immediate impression of the scene, and expressing with gorgeous and bold colors.

The pursuit of art is the pursuit of constant innovation and change. In the 19th century, the center of western art was in France.
France beginning in the second half of the 19th century a number of young artists who oppose the official academic art of the conformist,Large Canvas Art due to their innovative work cannot
be exhibited in the official salon and strongly opposed to the official censorship, they asked for the innovation of artistic and creative freedom, Gail wave tile often gathered in Paris cafe free exchange of view of art, for art
innovation path.
In the course of the development of western painting, painters always introduced the scientific achievements of the time into artistic creation.
Due to optical and color science research results come out, then by Charles Henry the light and color and the combination of aesthetics, directly apply to the laws of art, which made the pursuit of innovation and painters influenced and
inspired, they try to pure "light", and the analysis of the new color relations, and the law of the natural science and they combine to create the art of perspective.
They believe that all objects in nature are the illumination of light, only to show its image;
All the images are a combination of different colors, and the sunlight is composed of seven primary colors.
There is no world without light and color.
They also hold that artists should know the world mainly from the point of view of "light" and "color". "light" is the mother of "color". Only light can be colored.
This kind of artistic concept becomes their dominant thought, thus dominates their creation activity.

Oil painting is a precious heritage left to us by human history.Great Big Canvas With its unique charm, it greatly enriches human visual and spiritual world, and also greatly enlightens people's artistic aesthetics and ideological realm.
Oil painting in the reproduction of natural beauty as well as the exploration of the ideal beauty,Big Canvas Art beauty form reached an unprecedented aesthetic realm.

(1) reproduce the beauty of nature

Human beings progress and develop in the constant understanding and communication of nature, and the art of human ideology is closely related to nature.
The ability of painting to reproduce nature is gradually perfected with the development of human civilization and science and technology.
The appearance of oil painting advances the whole history of painting in the depth of reproduction of nature.
The ability of oil painting to create the illusion of three-dimensional space and the true degree,Large Canvas Art  richness and depth of natural objects are greatly superior to other kinds of painting. Artists use superb oil painting skills to create the beauty of nature and the beauty of human spirit effectively.

(2) beauty of ideal and beauty of form

The ideal beauty in art is a kind of beauty that is refined and established according to people's subjective desire.
The standardized form of the ideal beauty is formal beauty.
The reproduction of nature and the pursuit of ideal beauty in oil painting go hand in hand.
The classical oil painting pays attention to the reality and the ideal proportion grasp, is the human aestheticism standard reflection, it pays attention to the symmetrical proportion, the smooth line, the round shape, the harmonious color, the elegant sentiment.
At the same time, the ideal beauty also changes with the change of time and the difference of artist's personality.
In addition to the stylized beauty, there are also the ideal beauty of the bold and gorgeous baroque style, as well as the beauty of simple and heavy nature.
The pursuit of ideal beauty brought formal beauty to open.
In the later stage of the development of oil painting, the exploration of the beauty of form is the goal. The improvement of oil painting techniques makes the changes of the form colorful, thus making the oil painting works with varied appearance.

Large horizontal wall art is a kind of decorative painting, generally divided into framed decorative painting and frameless decorative painting.
The framed decorative picture looks more traditional, while the frameless decorative picture looks more popular. You can choose it according to the overall style.
Actually the style of adornment picture also divides a lot of kinds.
Profile picture - maintenance and cleaning of profile picture
Maintenance of jian ou decoration painting: at ordinary times, you should avoid touching jian ou decoration painting with pesticides, sprays and cigarettes, pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof, stay away from toilet and kitchen, and prevent its material from being damaged.

To prevent dust and insects from entering the artwork corroded, a wooden board can be used to cover the back of the painting.
Avoid long-term direct sunlight decorative painting, easy to cause color or discoloration problems.
Do not let sharp objects or sharp objects touch the Jane ou decorative painting, will scratch or damage the material of Jane ou decorative painting.

Cleanness of jian ou adornment picture: avoid by all means cannot use cleaner, sponge or cleaner to remove the dust that gives jian ou decorates picture frame, want to clean jian ou adornment picture with special clean appliance.
You can usually use a soft brush or a feather duster to clean the sketch and then use a clean cotton cloth to dip it in water.
If there is oil smoke on Jane ou decorative painting, you can use light soapy water and water to wipe, and then use dry cloth or paper towel to absorb the water on Jane ou decorative painting.

Jane ou decorative painting - how to shop for Jane ou decorative painting
1. Pay attention to the material and thickness of the decorative sheet of Jane ou.
Choose the simple Europe adornment picture that the high density fiber board that USES environmental protection makes, in the fiber board or worse board general formaldehyde content appears exceeds bid easily.
In addition, the thick plate than thin plate preservation of long, not deformation.

2. Pay attention to the clear and smooth quality of the decoration painting.
The back panel, resolution and flatness of the painting picture of jian ou decoration, the uniform and non-bubbling lamination, and the precision and carefulness of the corner cutting die need to be paid attention to.

3. Pay attention to the pattern of Jane ou decorative painting.
The living room had better choose the simple Europe adornment picture of atmosphere, design had better be beautiful scenery, still life and character, abstract modernist school.
The space with pure illicit close illicit such as the bedroom does not choose style too intense brief ou decorates picture.

4. Pay attention to the size of the sketch decoration.
In the sitting room, the height of Large horizontal wall art  of brief Europe is in 50 to 80 centimeters are appropriate, length wants the length according to metope or main body furniture and decide, should not be less than the 2/3 of main body furniture commonly;
Compare small kitchen, toilet to wait, can choose height 30 centimeters to control small jian ou decorates picture.


Do you have a family area where it seems impossible to place a sofa? Lately it appears that even in large homes the conventional family room is getting smaller. Many of them are designed so that all four sides of the area have either an entry, large horizontal wall art ,a window, a fire place or a tv set making all options poor placement for a sofa. Open floor plans complicate things even more so that a sofa almost always has its back turned on something important.
In this living room, the uncommon combo of a daybed and two armless chair face the other over a narrow coffee table. The particular daybed gives you room to lean back against an arm and extend your feet out to the fire. It also guarantees that whether there is another access to the room on that aspect or a window, the furniture won't have its back to it.

The square cocktail table flipped on the diagonal works well with these four luxuriously proportioned chairs. large horizontal wall art for sale The side tables give you a great place to place lamps for flattering lighting without blocking anyone's view of the others sitting down there. One advantage this kind of grouping has over the sofa is that it is better to face the other than if you are seated side by aspect on a sofa.
I actually always think a room feels so unfriendly when you enter it and are confronted with the back again of a sofa. Here we see two daybeds located so the front door doesn't feel blocked. These types of daybeds are a great choice to get this small room feel very open up.
Okay, I’m sure this is not the family room of this beautiful home, but I actually think most people would have put a sofa against the wall under the art. This pair of elegant chaise lounges creates a romantic and relaxing place for a couple to stretch out out and enjoy the view.
This beautiful room foregoes the traditional couch in favor of a piano. I can imagine these homeowners enjoy many hours enjoying music and don't miss the sofa at all.
Looks like more than one person has decided that the piano is the approach to their space than a sofa.