Hand-painted oil painting wall art to enhance the taste of home decoration

Under the situation that people are demanding more and more for home decoration, original art oil painting is quietly entering ordinary people's homes. It is a kind of art that shows cultural taste, host's interest, hobby, and self-cultivation. It integrates with the modern living room and creates a special space with the flavor of the times and artistic individuality. Oil painting is an organic part of home decoration. It should not be separated from decoration but should be consistent with the style of home decoration oil painting. As for its content, it can vary with personal preferences and seasons. Secondly, the color of oil paintings should be in harmony with the living environment. https://www.qiqiart.com Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

Wall Art Modern Abstract Painting

For example, when spring is approaching, we can hang the rural landscape works with a broad vision and bright colors so that people can feel the breath of spring without going out.

In summer, you can hang a passionate sea view or a fresh and elegant snow view, which will bring a bit of cool to the hot summer.

In autumn, you can hang bold and colorful landscape paintings, giving people joy of autumn harvest.

In winter, colorful flowers and still life can be hung to make the quiet winter glow with the vitality of spring.

Choosing oil paintings requires a sense of quality. Better refined than miscellaneous, less rather than more, otherwise it will add to the picture. It is not necessary to demand the works of famous artists, but it is also necessary to avoid the works that have no artistic value. Although not for celebrities, but for "quality". The so-called fine works here refer to works that can reflect their own ideas and interests, place their pursuit of beauty, and have exquisite skills. Only works that resonate with one's own thoughts can be regarded as "exquisite works".

Yellow Palette Knife Abstract Painting

The position of the hanging oil painting is very important, which is closely related to its function of decorating and beautifying the room. If the location is chosen properly, the master's layout will be more elaborate with fewer wins; if the location is not chosen properly, no more exquisite products will have a visual focus, which will show chaos and will not play a role of beautification. https://www.abstractpaintingcanvas.com Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art , Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

The family wall is the focus of family decoration, do not hang calendar, printed product and copies of many famous paintings that are not clear at all.


I am conquered by large abstract painting canvas. "I am the man who is going to be the king of the sea," with the end of the film,I know that my brother will come and I will paint his dream of the sea again.
I have a brother,a younger brother who likes to watch Japanese cartoons,and Japanese animation. Recently, he became obsessed with the day-"The King of Sea Thieves" and cried and said he was going to go to sea, a ten-year-old boy in the mouth of the sea.It must be such a positive energy, so peaceful, as long as the protagonist's aura protects him,nothing can stop him.

Hand Painted Oil Paintings, Black And White Artwork, Abstract Oil Paintings For Sale
Hand Painted Oil Paintings, Black And White Artwork, Abstract Oil Paintings For Sale

But I deeply understand how terrible the sea is every year there are more than ten tsunamis, huge waves, are raging the earth.You know,even typhoons were born in the ocean.Perhaps I said so,my brother will not understand how frightening the sea,so I will show him some information, including some videos, great big canvas art, pictures,as well as the ancestors of the sea reverence of poetry,calligraphy and painting, of which I am most impressed, Also let brother see the longest is a large abstract painting canvas.
It was an apocalyptic scene,and black clouds like ink shrouded the whole picture.In the oil painting,white spots of heavy rain fell on the sea, and waves spattered along with huge waves and stormy waves.A sea ship with three masts was about to overturn.The people on board fled the ship, jumped into the water,or took a lifeboat to escape their lives,and people struggled for life in the raging waves.I can't help but think of the sinking of the Titanic,the small we can't fight against the sea.This large modern painting, called "Kent Beach", is by the painter Theodore Guidance.The original painting is collected by the Malian Museum in Paris.The painter is extremely good at painting sea views and is also a French romantic painter.So in this maritime disaster,he used in the black-and-white contrast,in a strong collision that shows a thrilling scene,each of the shipwrecks fled in the black background also solidified in a startling moment.This means that the painter is unyielding to life and will.

Large Handmade Black White Flowers Acrylic Minimalist Painting
Large Handmade Black White Flowers Acrylic Minimalist Painting

I remember that the 19th century in which Theodore Guidance lived was an era of earthquake-prone famous earthquakes in Chile and Alaska. Painters,after hearing of several earthquakes, deeply lamented the unrivalled nature,even in modern society. We humans dare not challenge their authority.Theodore Guidance incorporated this awe into the large contemporary abstract painting canvas,hidden in the color, also to pay tribute to the innocent people suffering from natural disasters, tsunamis and shipwrecks.
Speaking of which,I turned to my brother and said, "are you still out there?"My brother looked excited and felt more and more like the protagonist. "I'm going to conquer the sea,I'm going to conquer Kent Beach." he ran away, leaving me alone.
Maybe my brother also want to conquer the sea by the abstract painting canvas!



Large Canvas Wall Art Oil painting simple trend restaurant design: a very good Extra Large Modern Painting, the need for visual pleasure, or else not "beautiful", how "meal"? Have to be succinct, clear and easy to clear up, normally greasy unsightly stains will help to make housewives headaches to the particular extreme. Even more importantly, you need to create a warm and gentle ambiance in which usually people really feel relaxed mentally and physically.


The dining table still continues the particular plain shade that the operator likes, the  Abstract Painting Online Custom about the wall structure and the particular interesting ornaments on typically the side cabinet associated with complete restaurant brilliant.

The general tone of typically the dining area continues typically the essence regarding the dwelling room, plus the green a glass cabinet within the wall not merely takes on a role regarding reception, but also adds a new bright color to be able to typically the space.

Decorating sophisticated Large Abstract Paintings design wallpaper in the cafe is the best selection to make a harmonious ambiance. It is only required to notice the tone of the whole area should end up being gentle and, therefore of which the space design can not overstate the particular durability and influence folks to savor a selection of delicacies.

Red-colored mosaic provided space cottage restaurant, which has design perception. The many amazing now the reddish mosaic-paved room capsule-like eating place. Bright reddish, in this unusual form, shows a good unreal feeling of the future, which usually can not be ignored. This is actually the start of the modern residence designed by designer Kong Xiaohui regarding two youthful people functioning inside the mass media, who else are not floating away along with the tide and have got outstanding personality.

A good fuzy oil painting dangling picture can be used to brighten up typically the tone of typically the whole dining room region. Similarly, for your convenience regarding the storage of tableware and small things, a powerful cabinet is produced.

Simple and clean cusine area, in the employ of dining chairs, olive oil painting hanging, but there is no lack regarding careful deliberation on details.

Hand-painted oil painting is a kind of hand-painted painting which uses oil painting techniques and pigments. It is different from traditional oil painting. It comes from Extra Large Abstract Painting. It uses strong color visual effect and abstract freehand style to express ideas. It seems simple, but it has rich connotation and connotation. It changes style color and appearance decoration with the changes of the times. Next, let's talk about the characteristics of hand-painted oil painting.

Acrylic Abstract Art, Contemporary Wall Decor, Colorful Wall Art

I. Decorative Language
Ordinary decorative painting and hand-painted decorative painting are also very different in the use of decorative language. Ordinary decorative  Extra Large Modern Canvas Art pays attention to the design of the whole appearance and the visual effect of people, so it will give people a beautified effect, perfect without any shortcomings. On the contrary, hand-painted decorative painting pays attention to natural beauty, expresses the emotions implicitly and profoundly. It is natural and pure, integrated with nature without any natural beauty of sculpture. Look at the streets, houses, furniture and utensils in the oil paintings. They are all in the right shape, just like the real thing. If the view of the corridor is depicted, the distance can be counted by tens of feet in a few inches. If the front (standing in the middle of the railway) is drawn, the distance can be measured by miles in several inches.

2. Distinctive personality
Hand-painted decorative painting not only pays attention to the formal beauty of Big Black and White Painting, but also pays more attention to the ideological feelings and personal style expressed in the painting. In color, hand-painted decorative painting pays attention to simplifying the complexity, not blindly pursuing the color, paying attention to the far and near cold and warm collocation of color, focusing on the form of expression to highlight the generality of the picture, while in composition, it pays attention to the integrity of space. Multidimensional space without focus perspective is planarized.

3. Artistic Style
Compared with hand-painted decorative painting, ordinary decorative painting has its own independent aesthetic style and style. It dilutes the ideological and content of painting, strengthens the beauty of form and decoration, while hand-painted decorative painting pays attention to the subjective feeling of human beings, focusing on expression and freehand brushwork. The former gives people a feeling of artificial creation, while the latter gives people a feeling of natural state, which is the difference between the two.

4. Aesthetic Experience
From the aesthetic point of view, decorative paintings are mainly for practical purposes, only an external decoration for people to enjoy and play. Hand-painted decorative painting is a vivid image to express the painter's thoughts and feelings, from which we can understand the painter's mood and different understanding of society and life. Therefore, compared with ordinary decorative painting, hand-painted decorative painting contains more rich and profound meanings.

From the texture point of view, the first paving should be as implicit, uniform and natural as possible, instead of displaying the texture contrast of the final effect too early. If it has been drawn, it can be softened with a fan pen or removed with a knife to prepare for the real shaping later.