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Yellow abstract art,The artwork of painting is normally divided into figurative and abstract, or the impact between the two poles, and the expansion produces unlimited changes. As significantly as concepts are concerned, overall abstract painting will not really can be found, because painting is definitely a pulling and drawing, and summary painting is usually to graphical the significance; absolute figurative painting is certainly also difficult, and all specific images are through meaningful Formal outward exhibition.

Although the exterior appearance of realism and free handwriting are different, the inner quality of the painting is definitely the same, that is certainly, the charm of writing and the graphics of getting. It is definitely significant that in the two-state state between figuration and abstraction, and the know of “between resemblance and dissimilarity”, Chinese oil painting provides truly completed the complete picture from realism to freehanded to être, and the connections between the three at the second. Intensifying academic design.

Realistic look is usually not a genre, nor a design, nor is it a creative purpose, but an irreplaceable type of artistic appearance. We know that all items in the globe are real and physical. The precise image of everything is definitely distinguished because of its features. The realistic painting displays the depth of “subtlety” on the “to the huge” of all points. As a result, practical painting is usually a type of expression that can be accurately experienced, touched, and accurately disseminated, and is usually lyric in cement. Figurative realism painting is usually based on the explanation of the gods, the portraits, the actuality, the fact, the beauty, the love, the like, and the expressiveness of painting. the method. To this time, reasonable art possess created in a variety of ways, such as classical realistic look, images realism, practical realistic look, imagination realistic look, symbolic realistic look, romantic realism, conceptual realistic look, decorative realism, and therefore on. Generally speaking, the position quo of Chinese practical painting essentially covers three aspects: the modern development of the traditional spirit, the realism of Chinese feeling, and the blend of Chinese language and Western different languages ??in painting.

Realistic painting is certainly created by the “foreign teacher forged” truth, but it can be indicated in the state of “heart attaining heart”. This requires artists to spend interest to reality, recognize lifestyle, and pass on classics, usually, the art level will be difficult to improve. Only with a extensive knowledge of painting abilities can artistic term be transported out without road blocks. The vitality of practical painting should arrive from real statement and experience, not behind shut doorways to fabricate fake concepts. In today’s period of ubiquitous images, we must soberly understand the creative beauty of practical art, and we must prevent the mediocrity, images, and pure technology of painting. large paintings for dining room.

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